My Personal Guarantee


My Personal Guarantee means:

  • That I will create the perfect atmosphere by representing the happy couple, their guests and the mood of the day.
  • That we will look and sound amazing.
  • I will always be there overseeing everything.
  • Your Peace of mind.
  • An Amazing Service
  • A “musical” stress free day.

Your Wedding Steel band Caters all elements of your day.

Your Wedding Day Options

Option 1 Ceremony: Includes The Prelude, Processional, Recessional and other Interludes.

Option 2 Cocktail Hour: Your guests will be entertained While they are catching up and Chilling.

Option 3 Cereal:  Your Wedding Breakfast in style!!

Option 4 Celebration: Party the rest of the night with our band and DJ package

Shared Options: Get a great discount by using more than one option.